Tracking down the status of your state tax refund is different than your federal income tax refund. While you can use the for any of your tax-related issues, where is my state tax refund works a little bit differently. Since states are responsible for providing you the information, things can get a little bit tricky as there are no guidelines for what website you need to use.

State tax refunds can only be tracked through the California Franchise Tax Board website and just like your federal income tax refund, you will need

  • your exact refund amount
  • Social Security Number
  • ZIP Code
  • Numbers in your mailing address
    • If your mailing address is 123 ABC Street, the numbers are 123.

Keep in mind that this can only be done for the 2019 tax year’s refunds. If you need to know the status of the previous year’s refunds, you must contact the Franchise Tax Board directly by calling or by mailing a letter.

Franchise Tax Board Phone Number for California State Tax Refund

Phone Number

800 851-5711
916 845-6500 (for taxpayers outside of the U.S.)
Available Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM


Franchise Tax Board
Post Office Box 942840
Sacramento, CA 942840-0040

Chat with a representative online

Log in to your my Franchise Tax Board to chat
Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM

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