Another tax year is finished for the majority of the taxpayers. This tax year and the last one was very beneficial for low and middle-income taxpayers with a doubled standard deduction and with a few doubled credits. Paying less tax means less tax liability and therefore you are highly likely to receive a refund from the IRS. Now that everybody is wondering when they are going to get their refunds, we have some ways where you can track your refunds, refund status, and any issues related to your refund. The easiest and the most reliable way to track your refund is through

Just head over to the IRS website by clicking here and follow the instructions shown on the images below.

Click on Get My Refund Status
Then Click Check My Refund Status

To weed out the false traffic and for security reasons IRS requires you to fill in your Filing Status, Refund Amount shown on your tax return, and your Social Security Number. Once you click Submit you will see your refund status. The IRS claims that more than 9 out of 10 refunds are issued less than 21 days. If it has been more than 21 days, you may want to check in with the IRS. However, if you’ve itemized your expenses to reduce your taxable income, you may be waiting for the IRS to check everything so there won’t be any mistakes. Also, the refund status tool on the IRS website is updated overnight. If you checked your status during the day, it will stay the same for a while so one status checks a day is more than enough to save you time. Stay tuned for more refund tips!

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