Each year, Per Diem rates are adjusted by General Service Administration but this doesn’t mean that the agency does everything by itself. The IRS for example, adjusts the mileage rates for a wide range of fields ranging from business-related trips to work duties for charitable organizations. General Services Administration regulates the per diem rates for states, cities, and foreign countries. On the other hand, IRS adjusts and regulates the minor things on the Per Diem that falls outside of the GSA.

If you’re looking for Per Diem rates for the upcoming year, you can visit https://www.perdiemrates2020.com/per-diem-rates-for-2020.html to learn more about the rates and find the figures for the state or the city you’re going to travel for work. Also, visit our front page to learn more about the taxes and how you can deduct those per diems that you’ve received.

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